Staff Directory

Administration * 201-568-2215 Ext. 221
Abigail Sanner, Ext. 222
Interim Library Director
Mary Witherell, Ext. 222
Library Director
Charlene Denisen, Ext. 221
Administrative Assistant
Greta Gumbs, Ext. 224
Circulation * 201-568-2215 Ext.
Susan Marino, Ext. 226
Circulation Supervisor
Arnie Tobias, Ext. 226
Senior Library Assistant
Reference Department * 201-568-2215 Ext.
Charlene Taylor, Ext. 229
Head of Reference and Adult Services
Lynn Kaminski, Ext. 231
Young Adult \ Reference Librarian
Monica Sanchez
Senior Librarian
Children's Department * 201-568-2215 Ext. 242
Donna-Lynne Cooper, Ext. 243
Head of Children's Services
Amy Aynedjian, Ext. 241
Senior Librarian
Susan Okechukwu, Ext. 241
Children's Librarian
Marguerite Sansone, Ext. 243
Technical Services * 201-568-2215 Ext. 234
Jay Wolf, Ext. 235
Head of Technical Services
Sheila Frisch
Senior Library Assistant
Matthia Gonzales
Senior Library Assistant
Literacy Department * 201-568-2215 Ext. 236
Grace Colaneri
Head of Literacy
Programming Department * 201-568-2215 Ext. 244
David S.
Maintenance Department * 201-568-2215 Ext. 232
Raul Garcia
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