Circulation info

Item type
Loan period
Loan fee
Able to renew?*
Able to reserve?
Fine per day overdue
Maximum overdue fine
Cost if lost
New Books2 WeeksNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$30.00
New Audiobooks4 WeeksNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$65.00
Fiction & Non-fiction Books (not new)4 WeeksNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$30.00
Audiobooks4 WeeksNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$65.00
Magazines14 DaysNoneNoYes$0.10$5.00$10.00
Children's Read-alongs2 WeeksNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$15.00
Children's Media Kits14 Days NoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$30.00
Children's Magazines14 DaysNoneNoYes$0.10$5.00$10.00
DVDs: New Movies2 Days$1.00NoNo$1.00$10.00$25.00
DVDs: Older Movies7 DaysNoneYesYes$1.00$10.00$25.00
DVDs: TV Series14 DaysNoneNoYes$1.00$10.00$25.00
DVDs: Non-Fiction14 DaysNoneYesNo$1.00$10.00$25.00
DVDs: New Children's Movies7 Days$1.00NoNo$1.00$10.00$25.00
DVDs: Children's Movies7 DaysNoneNoYes$1.00$10.00$25.00
Musical CDs14 DaysNoneYesYes$0.10$5.00$20.00
Reference BooksNon-Circulating
* Please note that items that are able to be renewed may not be available for renewal if they already on hold for other library patrons.
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