Englewood Schools – Historical Documents

Below you will find documents having to do with Englewood schools. To speed up load times, each document is embedded in a separate page. The complete collection is housed over at Scribd.

Document Name

Document Origin

  • Englewood Board of Education
  • by Cornelius J. Westervelt, Mrs. G. Kingsley Noble, G. L. Cory, William J. Fitzpatrick, and Arthur H. Springer
  • Harry L. Stearns, Superintendent of Schools
  • The Englewood Board of Education
  • John J. Herrick; M. J. Conrad; M. P. Garofalo
  • The Englewood Board of Education
  • Newspaper clippings
  • Report to Commissioner Frederick M. Raubinger from George C. Boone, Robert Flood & more
  • A Report to the Board of Education
  • Mark R. Shedd, Arden House, Harriman, NY
  • Barbara Loomis Jackson - Master's Essay, Teacher's College, Columbia University, NY
  • by Joan S. Levine - Instructional Consultant, Donald R. Quarles School, Englewood, NJ

  • LeRoy McCloud - Dissertation submitted to the Graduate School of Education, Rutgers University NJ
  • New Jersey Department of Education
  • The articles in this collection were scanned from local newspapers

  • Evan Goldfine - Dissertation submitted to the History Department, Rutgers University NJ
  • Gregory H. Ruben - Bachelor of Arts in the Department of History, Princeton University

It is our goal to eventually make all of our Englewood schools collection materials online.  Until then, please click here (pdf) to view a list of the related collection materials that are available in print form for in-library use.

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