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friends_logoThe Friends of the Englewood Library is a nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to supporting and enriching the Englewood Public Library. Your membership dollars help purchase numerous materials and fund programs in addition to what is provided through the library’s annual budget.

The following are elected board directors and officers for 2015-2016: Ella Urdang, president; Ann Sparanese, vice president and co-vp for membership; Cynthia Sumner, vp for book sale; Ann Davis, co-vp for membership; Louise Schwartz, treasurer, and Adolfo Borromeo, secretary.

Also elected to the board are: Irmari Nacht, Arnold Brown, Serena Carson, Bobbie Bouton-Goldberg, Betty Grossman, and Lisa Levien. James Cohen who resigned was thanked for his dedicated service.

These are the standing and newly created committees: Trustee Liaison: Arnold Brown; Publicity: Irmari Nacht; Advocacy: Ann Sparanese; Tiny Libraries: Irmari Nacht, Scott Reddin, Ella Urdang; Nominations: Betty Grossman, Bobbie Bouton-Goldberg, Irmari Nacht.

Current Activities – Jan 2015

  1. Appropriated $500 “to roll out 1000 books before kindergarten campaign”. Catherine Wolverton, library director, says “this will give us money for prizes and supplies”.
  2. Appropriated $800 “to diversify, protect and clothe our American Doll collection”. Catherine says “we have at present 7 Caucasian dolls and would like to add 3 dolls of varied degrees of skin color” to reflect diversity in our community. “To ensure that the dolls endure the least amount of damage and lost parts possible, the requested amount will allow us to purchase carriers. We will also purchase additional clothing to replace items that have been worked out or damaged.”
  3. Allocated $3,000 for varied adult programming recommended by David Schwalbe. In addition, movie licensing/renewal fees were also approved as a separate request.

Computer Fund Allocationtablets4

In a request to the Friends, the library director asked that some or all of the $13,000 already allocated for iPads be used to the purchase of MacBook Pros. These Apple Computers will be used on a nonexclusive basis by the national nonprofit group Girls Who Code.

Ella Urdang, the Friends president, says this is part of a current “movement” in education to involve girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). The board is amenable to this request, and welcomes a formal proposal from the director for a possible increase in funding.

Tiny Free Libraries Are Comingfree-tiny-house-library-03

Update: The Friends just bought a prototype to be installed on the front lawn of the library. Over time the Friends plan to install tiny libraries at busy spots in the city. Irmari distributed flyers and sign-up sheets for volunteers at the recently concluded annual meeting. Among the first volunteers are Charlotte Bennett-Schoen and Sharon Mills.

The board had allocated $600 to start the project, with a prototype (or kit) of a “miniature library”. Catherine Wolverton, director of the Englewood Public Library, had offered the front lawn as the site of the first “tiny library”. Scott Reddin, former councilman and civic leader, is helping with this project. A committee formed to take charge of this project include Scott Reddin, Irmari Nacht and Ella Urdang, with the collaboration of Catherine Wolverton.

Irmari said that little free libraries are a community movement in the United States and world wide which offers free books housed in small containers to members of the community. They are miniature lending libraries where anyone can take or leave a book under the honor system. They are also referred to as community book exchanges, book trading posts, pop-up libraries. She suggested we call ours “tiny free library”.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers to help with our book sale. Please contact Cynthia Sumner at 201-871-1164. If you have any books that you would like to donate, please call James Cohen at 201-816-9359, who will arrange to have them picked up.

Friends eNewsletters

For more information on current and past Friends of the Englewood Public Library events, please click here.

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Click here to learn more about donating books for our annual book sale.

Join the Friends Today!

Please take a moment to print out and complete the Friends Membership Registration Form (pdf). If you want to be notified about upcoming book sales and other events, please print your e-mail address on it. We look forward to your support of one of the true assets of our community.

We look forward to having you as a part of our wonderful organization!


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