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friends_logoThe Friends of the Englewood Library is nonprofit organization comprised of volunteers who are dedicated to supporting and enriching the Englewood Public Library. Your membership dollars help purchase numerous materials and fund programs in addition to what is provided through the library’s annual budget.

 The following are the current board directors and officers for 2015-2016: Ella Urdang, president; Cynthia Sumner, vp for book sale; Louise Schwartz and Ella Urdang, interim chairpersons for membership; Louise Schwartz, treasurer; Adolfo Borromeo, secretary; Arnold Brown; Serena Carson; Bobby Bouton-Goldberg; Birgitha Tray, and Lisa Levien.

These are the standing and newly created committees: Trustee Liaison: Arnold Brown; Publicity: Irmari Nacht; Tiny Free Library: Irmari Nacht, Scott Reddin, Ella Urdang; Nominations: Bobbie Bouton-Goldberg, Irmari Nacht; Author Visits: Dee Helm, Anita Newkirk.

Current Activities – Continuing from March 2016

Friends assist in library improvements: The board approved, upon request of Katharine Glynn improvement1(board trustees president) on behalf of Arnold Brown (trustees liaison) and Mary Witherell (library director), the allocation $10,000 for various “sight, sound, and refreshing” amenities. The board also mentioned a few objects including a piano bench, spotlight for performers and water fountain. Katharine Glynn’s requests include a sound system, projector, lectern, CD-DVD cleaning device, painting and whitewashing of Mackay Room, all of which are approved. In this regard, Katharine says city hall has approved the capital budget, including the operating budget. An appropriation in excess of $100,000 has been set aside to clean the drainage system and to redo some of the bathrooms.

Museum passes. The Friends bought vouchers and passes for the following museums: Newark Museum, New York Historical Society, Intrepid Sea/Air & Space Museum, Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and the American Museum of Natural History.

free-tiny-house-library-03Expansion of Tiny Free Library. At a special committee meeting, Irmari Nacht reports that public reception has been favorable these past several months. But she wants to see the installation of more TFLs in Englewood. She says there is a turnover of about 300 books a month or 10 books a day, which keeps the stockers busy. Attendees suggested initiatives to encourage various organizations to install TFLs in their neighborhood. Subcommittees are formed to reach out to these groups. The Committee will print a How To List (of how to set up their TFLs and contact municipal officials). The Committee will advise these groups all the way to completion but they have to do the actual planning, follow up with municipal officials, implementation and installation; “the ball is in their court”.

Honoring Cohen and Schwalbe. The Friends honored last May 15, two individuals for their outstanding service to the Library and the Friends over many years. This year’s recipients are James Cohen and David Schwalbe. Cohen is being honored for his 15 years of service to the Friends. He has previously served as board member, VP for membership, treasurer and president. Schwalbe has been an employee of the library since 1992, beginning as library assistant, as paraprofessional in 1994, then taking on the task of graphic artist in 2013, and adult programming coordinator in 2014.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always pleased to welcome new volunteers to help with our book sale. Please contact Cynthia Sumner at 201-871-1164. If you have any books that you would like to donate, please call James Cohen at 201-816-9359, who will arrange to have them picked up.

Friends eNewsletters

For more information on current and past Friends of the Englewood Public Library events, please click here.

Donate Items

Click here to learn more about donating books for our annual book sale.

Join the Friends Today!

Please take a moment to print out and complete the Friends Membership Registration Form (pdf). If you want to be notified about upcoming book sales and other events, please print your e-mail address on it. We look forward to your support of one of the true assets of our community.

We look forward to having you as a part of our wonderful organization!


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