Reception to honor Mrs. Jean Grushkin’s gift to EPL

The estate of Jean Grushkin has provided the Englewood Public Library with a gift of $15,000. This gift is to be used to purchase Holocaust and Judaica books. The Grushkin gift of $10,000 is to be used for the Adult Division’s Holocaust and Judaica Collection. In addition there is a $5,000 gift to the Children’s Holocaust and Judaica Collection.

In honor of Mrs. Grushkin’s gift to the Library there will be a reception at the EPL on November 29th at 4 pm. There will be a display of the books purchased with this gift.

Jean Grushkin started with the Englewood Public Library as a Senior Library Assistant on April 1, 1968, in 1971 Mrs. Grushkin became a full time employee and continued to work full time until her retirement on January 1, 2008.

Mrs. Grushkin in her own words enjoyed all phases of her work, whether it is getting library material out to the public as quickly as possible or helping patrons in all areas whether it was at the Circulation or Reference Desks.

Mrs. Jean Grushkin

As well as the patrons of Englewood Public Library Mrs. Grushkin has helped gather information for Mystic Seaport Museum, she was recognized by the Lincoln School PTO as having contributed to their educational program and read stories to the younger children during Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Celebration.  Mrs. Grushkin Supervisors have stated what a meticulous worker she was, as well as an integral part of the Reference Staff.  Mrs. Grushkin greatest strength was devising better and more orderly methods to implement existing services.

Mrs. Grushkin served as a Shop Stewart for the library’s union where she has been affectionately described as a “pit bull”.  Mrs. Grushkin was unique in she pointed out the problems but offered a solution as well.  Jean also “adopted” the employee staff room. She would refill dishwashing liquids and sponges at her own expense, and if Jean saw a mess in the staff room, she would just clean it without any recognition.

Mrs. Grushkin’s has received various awards from the City of Englewood and the praises of Englewood residents.

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